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We are a full-stack development and design company based in Ukraine. For 4+ years we’ve been developing turnkey web and mobile applications.

We work with clients from all over the world. We also harbor a dream to once create our own product, therefore treating every project with the utmost attention and professionalism.
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The Primary Value of Lanp

The principal value of our company is our team of professionals. We absolutely adore our work and operate with our mission at heart and purpose in mind. Complex tasks help us improve every day, and we are always ready to face the challenges of any project, irrespective of its difficulty.

Quality & Service

Service is at the heart of Lanp. We stand out thanks to the success of the products we create. We invest effort in every project and work on the result. Clients are our higest value

Teamwork & Brotherhood

Teamwork and proper allocation of responsibility is the key to success. Everyone is doing what he does best, while the Project Manager helps to focus and achieve maximum efficiency

Innovation & Passion

Self-development is one of our core values. We never stop learning and improving our skills, looking for challenges at every chance. That’s where we reveal our talent and grow our skills!

Leadership team

Founder & CDO Nik E.
Nik E.Founder & CDO
Founder & CTO Alex V.
Alex V.Founder & CTO
Product Design Lead Renata R.
Renata R.Product Design Lead
UI/UX Design Lead Nikita M.
Nikita M.UI/UX Design Lead
Frontend Lead Vlad M.
Vlad M.Frontend Lead

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Our approach is to bring meaning into each action, which ultimately leads to success of projects
Agile management

We practice Agile Methodology to achieve results and save resources


Routine communication is an integral part of project success

Detailed reports

Transparency and accountability are the foundation of productivity and trust

Scalable teams

We offer flexible scaling (horizontal and vertical) conditions for the team on your project

Quality assurance

Code quality and performance is tested at every stage of the process

Maintenance & Support

We provide lifetime support and maintenance for our clients

Lanp moments

We build strong and experienced team

Education, growth and knowledge sharing

One of our values is a continuous journey of development and self-improvement.Tomaintain the atmosphere of progress and growth we hold in-house themed discussions and lectures on a regular basis

  • Personal development plan
  • Refresher courses compensations
  • Experience exchange
  • In-house training sessions
Performance and skills coaching sessions

We consistently participate in industry conferences, seminars, and forums. It’s a limitless source of insights. We connect to new ideas and share experiences with industry’s best every time

  • Regular conferences
  • Local IT community support
  • Hackathon participation
  • Professional networking
Team-building events and entertainment

Friendly relationships within our team make our atmosphere better. Therefore, we choose to invest more time in team-building events and entertainment.

  • Team Development Program
  • Routine get-togethers
  • Table soccer tournaments
  • Team-building events
Consultation, free code and design review from industry experts

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