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UI/UX designer

UI/UX designer with Figma experience, 3+ years

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Frontend developer

We are looking for developer with React js. and Node js. stack 3 years for experience

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Graphic designer / Illustrator

We are looking for Graphic designer / Illustrator

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Lanp is a harmonious community of experts.

We have one thing in common:
We love our work and strive for high-quality results in everything we do

Your Freedom is Our Greatest Asset

We take advantage of the freedom to be creative in every job position. Our workspace serves as a great foundation to drive astonishing results in:

  • Complex and diverse projects;
  • A modern approach to work;
  • High standard of design and development.
Our Motto is Our Commitment

Our motto is to improve yourself and empower others. We are getting better every single day. It is the reason we prefer working with people who are passionate about what they do and those who can easily engage with other people through:

  • Coaching and mentorship;
  • Internal talks and workshops;
  • Courses of foreign languages.
The Best Place to Grow for Everyone

Our company is a place where you can reveal all your personal qualities and professional qualifications. We are not looking for people with similar behavioral patterns. Instead, we focus on your character, uniqueness, independence, and inspiration in:

  • Friendship and building trust;
  • Entertainment areas;
  • Team building.

The Primary Value of Lanp

The principal value of our company is our team of professionals. We absolutely adore our work and operate with our mission at heart and purpose in mind. Complex tasks help us improve every day, and we are always ready to face the challenges of any project, irrespective of its difficulty.

High-Quality Standards

Premium service is at the heart of Lanp. We stand out from the crowd of competitors due to the success of the products we create. We invest our time and effort to deliver high-quality standards of work in every project. Our highest priority is to demonstrate our value with the results of our clients.

Teamwork and Friendship

Teamwork and proper allocation of responsibility is the key to our success. Every team member participates in the projects with the highest expertise. Doing what you are the best at always brings the highest profit margins. Our project managers help us focus and achieve maximum efficiency.

Passion and Innovation

Our team's personal growth and professional development are our most important priorities. We deeply value continuous learning since it allows us to improve our skills and competencies. Challenging projects helps us boost creativity and find the best ways to serve our target customers. That's where we reveal our talents, expand our skills, and build our experiences!

The Benefits of Working at Lanp

Sharing Knowledge

We demonstrate solid mutual support and team building. The company covers 50% of your investment in training events. Your personal development plan is our primary asset!

Friendly Team and Healthy Working Environment

Lanp is a team of friends with a good sense of humor and a bit of sarcasm. We are happy for your victories and always ready to support you if you make a mistake.

Corporate Entertainment Program

We work together on various projects and have a great time at our picnics, birthdays, parties, etc. Our company is like your next family with similar prospects for a better future.

Your Personal PC or Mac

We have a clear understanding of why it is crucial to own high-quality professional equipment. It is the reason we provide you with a PC or Mac to get your job done faster and more professionally.

A Comfortable Office

One of our advantages is an office in the quiet center of our city. So, be sure you will have everything you need to dive into your projects and deliver extraordinary results to your clients.

Your Perks and Goodies

We love to eat well. So, you will always have various snacks, fruits, and vegetables in your workplace. An eco-friendly environment is at your service throughout the day!

Our life

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