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Company values


Transparent agreement. Time and materials contract.

Team work

Everyone does what he does best, this allows him to achieve max efficiency.

Efficient process

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Innovation & Passion

We never stop learning and improving our skills.

Company life


Creative freedom and interesting projects

We take advantage of the freedom to be creative in every job position. Our workspace serves as a great foundation to drive astonishing results in:

  • Complex and varied projects
  • Modern approach to work
  • High standard of design and development

Develop yourself and others

Among the experts in your field, you can quickly develop your professional qualities. We run regular meetings and courses for the entire team.

  • Mentoring
  • Time for self-development
  • Foreign language courses
  • Internal lectures and seminars

Work hard, play hard

We are not just people who are used to achieving their goals: we are also extreme people, creators, artists, musicians, players and athletes.

  • Friendship and trust
  • Recreation and entertainment area
  • Team building

Lanp moments

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Our benefits

Sharing knowledge

We demonstrate solid mutual support and team building. The company covers 50% of your investment in training events.

Friendly team

We are happy for your victories and always ready to support you if you make a mistake.

Corporate Entertainment Program

We work together on various projects and have a great time at our picnics, birthdays, parties, etc.

Your Personal Mac or PC

It is the reason we provide you with a PC or Mac to get your job done faster and more professionally.

A Comfortable Office

Be sure you will have everything you need to dive into your projects and deliver extraordinary results to your clients

Your Perks and Goodies

We love to eat well. So, you will always have various snacks, fruits, and vegetables in your workplace.

Please send the CV, we are looking for the talents!

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